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Web Presence Optimization = Evolution of SEO

The textbook definition of web presence optimization defines it as the practice of promoting and optimizing your online brand for better recognition, awareness, and visibility. This practice focuses on the various aspects of SEO and promoting your company brand of SEO, email marketing, PPC, social media marketing, online brand management, content marketing, and WordPress website design.

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If you are in Boulder, CO or elsewhere in the country, DesignInk is here to serve you. We are an SEO agency that provides our clients with the skills necessary to take your brand’s web presence to the next level. Our focus centers on the combined symmetry of all-digital touch points and online marketing channels that impact brand awareness and visibility.

Google Algorithm

Google is constantly changing its algorithms so that its SEO and Analytics are more socially integrated. Our search engine optimization agency will help your brand adapt to these changes and take your online image to the next level.

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